Lina Ciari
internet artist, professional hot girl

Hi hi, welcome! Name's Lina. I'm an multidisciplinary artist — illustrator, comic artist, animator and game developer — currently living in São Paulo state, in southeast Brazil. I've been drawing for as long as I've been physically able to hold a pencil, and doing so in a professional capacity for over fifteen years. I love cute girls and making colorful stuff.

This website is meant as both a landing page for all of my projects, as well as a link aggregator for all my social media accounts.

This is a personal art gallery for my works, works I've collaborated with people on, and fan art of my characters. It uses a danbooru-like interface, with tags, search, and the ability to post comments and save images as favorites. There is 18+ content in this gallery, but it's only viewable by users with an account. Even with an account, you can toggle visibility of such content in your settings. An account is also required to post comments.

My current big project is an RPG for Windows, Mac and Linux. It's about an elf girl living in a perfect, idyllic society who rejects her comfortable life in favor of confronting the grime underneath. She flees the space colony that was once her home in possession of a magical artefact — a book written in a dead language she can somehow understand — and lands on the Earth below, where she embarks on a grand adventure and meets all sorts of folks in order to right what's wrong.

This is a (work-in-progress) ROM hack of Super Mario World with a Touhou theme, as well as a variety of cool and zany features. It uses the fanmade SNES expansion chip MSU-1 for streamed, CD-quality audio. Currently, there is a demo version available, with a second demo featuring more stages planned to release very soon.

In addition to the above two games, I've been a developer in Arrietty's Prototype N series of games, acting primarily as character designer and concept artist. I have also participated in game jams and made a silly gag game or two. Those are available on my page, as well as eventual digital comics and whatever else I see fit to have available there.

Touhou-themed blog I ran from 2011 to 2013. An "ask blog" with the premise that users could send out questions for the character Reisen Udongein Inaba, which would then be used as prompts for funny and/or heartwarming gags. To this day people still approach me with "hey, weren't you the one who ran the Reisen ask blog all those years ago?" so I like to think I must have done something right (especially in cementing my place as "CEO of udomyon").

In the early 2010s when the Nuzlocke Challenge first became a thing online, it was common for artists to draw a comic dramatization of their runs, and this is no different. The only difference is that instead of playing an official Pokémon game,  I was playing a Touhou-themed ROM hack. I think to this day this is the only complete comic of this kind... well, until I decided to do it a second time and abandoned that, too. But you can read everything I did there, as well as check some commentary and see some behind-the-scenes content.

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Finally, here's my e-mail address if you need to reach me through a channel other than any of the above:
Thank you for your support, now and always. ❤️