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Lina's Art Gallery


That's me! The girl who drew all these! Well, most of these.

This tag is to indicate pictures I made or contributed to.
I assume if you're here, you already know who I am, but just in case: I'm Lina, a Brazilian artist based in São Paulo state. My time drawing online dates back to around 2004, but this gallery doesn't have anything older than 2009.

Main subjects in art include video games (especially Touhou, fighting games, and retro games in general), OCs, comics and animation. Pronouns are she/her. Favorite animal is rabbits.

Website: udomyon.com - y'know, the site you're looking at right now, just a couple folders higher. Contains commission info.
patreon: linatic
ko-fi: udomyon
itch: udomyon
tumblr: linaciari (art) • rabbitlegs (social)
cohost: linaciari (art) • japaneseanimes (social) • linabuthorny (nsfw)
twitter: linaciari (art) • japaneseanimes (social) • linabuthorny (nsfw)
mastodon/fediverse: linaciari@fgc.network
instagram: japaneseanimes
newgrounds: linaciari
twitch: rabbitlegs
youtube: linaciari
discord: rabbitlegs#7086 • Lunar Capital discord server

Aliases: linaciari
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