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Lina's Art Gallery


One of my oldest extant OCs. Has taken a variety of forms over the years. Her most recent incarnation is as a party member in BELOW HEAVEN.

The many different versions of Amber over the years include:

- Original: A small child with time manipulation abilities who was often the target of government conspiracies, alternate-universe doppelgangers, and her absolute bitch of an aunt.
Becomes somewhat jaded as she grows up. Likes videogames, anime and My Little Pony.

- Second Origins: A mysterious orphan with strange powers. Quiet, but opens up with time.
Skin is very hot to the touch and can cause burns. Everything around her likewise gets hot, and she can unwillingly set fire to stuff.
From time to time she snaps and burns someone's face off. Sometimes she wanders off on her own, unsure herself of where she wants to go, followed by a subconscious desire to... be whole again, whatever THAT means.

- BELOW HEAVEN: The child of aeons. Once again, a mysterious young girl with time powers. To reveal more would be a spoiler.
She's generally peppy and upbeat, but freaks out when things around her are beyond her control, which is often.

All versions of Amber have an interest in art, with a dream of being a comic artist.

Aliases: amber, amber_lenoir, amber_mcdermont
Auto tags: ? original (lina) 1101