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The outcast from Heaven. Elegant and refined, but with a strong sense of what's right. Main character of BELOW HEAVEN.

Caroline is an Elf born and raised on Endymion Space Colony from a relatively well-off family (her father is a banker). She received top-class education at Paradiso Boarding School, and is well-versed in a variety of subjects such as art, music, literature, and combat. She was trained from an early age to control the Aether - a magical substance that permeates the universe. Every Aether user in Paradiso is tasked with creating their own focus, which is personal and unique. Hers is an Aether Pistol.

She has always been composed and well-behaved, but always understood that there was something below the surface that did not feel quite right - she simply was never able to quite put a finger on it. Until one day, when she comes across a mysterious book. The book is written in a dead language - certainly not one Caroline knows. Yet, somehow, she can understand it, as if it were speaking to her directly.

Caroline feels extremely compelled to keep this book, but is then confronted by the police who demand it back. She then makes a decision then and there: to abandon her cozy life in her throne of lies, escape to the depths below, and live the rest of her life in Purgatory. The book urges her to seek out the Aspects of God, scattered throughout the Earth, and thus, her journey begins. Along the way, she meets all sorts of people - friends and foes alike. She notices a common thread - almost everyone living on the surface has been oppressed by the Elves above in some way or another. This gives her the resolve to challenge the tyranny of Heaven.

(Caroline was originally conceived of years before I began working on the game, but her backstory was not significantly different from this. The main thing that changed is that she has pointy ears now)

Aliases: caroline, caroline_geistkirch, caroline_geistkirche
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