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Crimson is one of my oldest extant OCs and as such has had many different versions over the years. He was originally created as a pastiche of Solid Snake - retired army man/secret agent whose past comes back to haunt him.
Versions of him include:

- Original: David, codename Crimson Fox, was a member of the military organization known as the R.E.D.s - a top secret operations group led by a man code-named Amaranth. Years after his retirement, he is brought back in action in order to stop a conspiracy involving members of his former unit, time-traveling little girls, and the Illuminati.
- Second Origins: Lieutenant John Crimson is a federal agent for the government of the nation of Rolith. His superior, Colonel Yoseph Amaranth, tasks him with retrieving Roswell, a fugitive from a facility which studies latent psychic abilities on its subjects. At some point he realizes that Rolith's military is, in fact, the baddies, and turns on Amaranth, letting Roswell go.
- Springvale: This version of Crimson is an FBI agent drawn to a small rural US town to investigate strange phenomena. He hangs out at the Area 51, a cryptid-themed diner/tourist trap which he doesn't realize is run by actual cryptids.
- BELOW HEAVEN: The Crimson Oak, or just Crimson (real name unknown), is a former professional wrestler and three-time champion who has had his glory stolen by a young, fresh-faced star. Now out to restore his fighting spirit,he joins Caroline and the gang in order to make a name for himself and prove he's not washed up. He's a little bitter about it, but wouldn't admit to it. May look cold but is actually a big softie. His signature move is called the Grand Oak Slam.

Aliases: crimson, crimson_fox, crimson_oak, david_crimson, john_crimson, the_crimson_oak
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