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Wannabe vampire hunter who's way in over her head. She is baby.

Originally conceived for a Castlevania-themed TTRPG campaign, Cynthia Belmont was the heir to the fabled Vampire Killer whip... which she was forbidden from using. This did not stop her from marching headfirst towards Dracula's castle with a piece of chain she found. Her exploits routinely got her in trouble, and if it wasn't for her half-vampire girlfriend Amarita she would probably be a goner by now.

Cynthia is brave, stupid, and reckless - and she is constantly struggling with the massive weight on her shoulders of being part of a lineage of legendary heroes, and the role that is expected of her.

Aliases: cynthia, cynthia_belmont, cynthia_harker, cynthia_morris
Auto tags: ? original (lina) 1101