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Lina's Art Gallery


Big tiddy pirate chick with ice powers. One half of the sky-faring system - the other being Agni.

Originally, Ida was created as a witch with ice magic who just happened to have a pirate aesthetic. When redesigning her as a party member in BELOW HEAVEN, the idea of making a two-for-one character with a resource that works in a tug-of-war way gave rise to her counterpart/headmate Agni. The two now lead a band of sky pirates together.

Ida is the "chill" one. Not cold and emotionless, but calm in the face of danger. Meanwhile Agni is the "warm" one - welcoming and caring.

In addition to the fact they have different color schemes - as well as the fact Ida has straight hair while Agni's is wavy - one way to tell which one is "fronting" is by which of their eyes is covered. The two in fact have heterochromia, but Ida covers her left eye, leaving the right eye (which is a light blue) visible. Agni meanwhile, covers the right, leaving her left eye (which is red) visible.

Aliases: ida
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