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That tired bitch in the trenchcoat with the goopy tendrils sprouting from her back. She's an OC of mine.

Lucy has existed in various forms over the years. She was created as a counterpart to Amber, and is often a foe but sometimes an ally.

- Original flavor: Lucianna Gibson was a being of pure energy from another universe. She shares her time powers with her original counterpart. Chance brought her to Amber's world while she was still a child, where she was originally mistaken for her. However, her true nature was made clear once she became unstable and her form began to glitch out, resulting in black tendrils to sprout on her body. Eventually the two were fused, causing Lucy to grow bitter and resentful. She was able to take full control after Amber's death, and proceeded to seek our her former caretaker, Malinare.
- Second Origins: This version of Lucy is older than Amber, has earth-based powers - the ability to cause localized earthquakes that emanate from a point she touches. Her skin is dry to the touch, and everything around her is dry and dusty. She appears to know things about both their pasts that Amber is unaware of, and attempts to convince the girl to join her in some sort of mission to "bring back someone long gone". She also butts heads with Violet and Clarissa, whom she's also trying to convince of the same thing.
- Current incarnation: In this current form, Lucy is just some girl with goopy tentacles. The current plan is to have her pop up in BELOW HEAVEN somewhere, but I'm still unsure if I'll bring her time powers back.

Aliases: lucianna_gibson, lucy, lucy_gibson
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