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The wandering demon. Chuuni edgelord with a soft spot for their pet dog, Ryuunosuke.

Makoto was originally created for a Pokémon-themed TTRPG campaign. The daughter of a very traditionalist family, she went against tradition and embarked on a quest to prove herself. A devoted gardener, her companion pokémon were Oddish, Ledyba, and a Houndour named Ryuunosuke.

When the campaign fell through, the character got a redesign divorced from any existing IP. This version of Makoto was a transgender girl who left a life of luxury behind in an act of defiance against her father, the shogun. While wandering the world alongside her childhood pet, Ryuunosuke - a dog with mysterious ghostly abilities - she solves any problem she comes across that can be solved by cutting. She's tasked with delivering a box which houses a sealed demon to a far away shrine in order for it to be destroyed. But Makoto ends up taking a liking to the demon in the box...

For BELOW HEAVEN, the character was redesigned once again. Now they are a non-binary ronin who carries a cursed sword housing a sealed demon. The sword thirsts for the blood of its enemies, and Makoto isn't always capable of controlling this impulse. The blood, however, powers them up, allowing for a variety of special techniques. Ryuunosuke is a phantom dog and a very good boy.

Aliases: makoto, makoto_noriko
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