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Lina's Art Gallery


MAGIC + FOOD = SUCCESS! Or so she claims...

Nathalia is... weird. She was originally created as the descendant of Robyn, who at an early age discovered the discipline known as "culimancy" - magical cooking. Culimancy is an art that is not very well respected at all, but she makes do, believing in its worth. She's best friends with Rochelle, and fiercely territorial of her to the point where everyone assumed the two were an item.

In Second Origins, Nathalia and Rochelle were meant to be a pair of street urchins with big aspirations. Nat in particular was an aspiring cook, despite the fact living on the streets doesn't lend a lot of opportunities for being a gourmet. She wears a scarf that was given to her by a kind stranger, who used it as a sling to treat a broken arm she suffered as a child.

In BELOW HEAVEN, she was redesigned to be a satyr. Similar to OG Nathalia, she wants to prove her food-based magic is worthy of respect. She's a bit clumsy and weird.

Aliases: nathalia, nathalia_ciari
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