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rock (dpalecks)

OC by my friend Alex. Has had many forms over the years from Mega Man recolor to lost boy with a drill arm.

Rock comes in two variants:

- Original: Rock was a boy who fled his home dimension, alongside his friends Scon and Greg, carrying a stolen prototype of power armor. He went on many adventures over the years, often butting heads with Malinare. Years of strife and loss slowly chip away at his hope and optimism, but he tries to keep a friendly exterior.
- Second Origins: A young explorer who works digging up relics of the world old in the ruined city of Medius, alongside his friend and coworker Croiss (who acts as his "mission support", so to speak). Abandoned by his parents and raised in the cold center of the military in a time of great turmoil, he was left a jaded man who feels no reason to exist. Constantly looking for a sense of identity and purpose, he takes solace in helping others. Due to government experiments, he's been given superhuman strength despite looking like a skinny kid, allowing him to lift his extremely heavy power arm - which is able to transform into a drill and a gun. Wears a scarf he’s had since he was found bundled in it as a baby.

Aliases: rockx2, rock_(dpalecks)
Auto tags: ? original (other) 692