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Behold - my only heterosexual OC (as far as we know)

Ryan Crestmere is a knight in service of a kingdom in which regular people cannot use magic. A device installed on the back of his left hand allows him to imbue his sword with elemental magic, but this comes at a cost to his health. He is, in every sense of the word, the archetypal loser JRPG protagonist. A dumbass with a high libido and not much luck when it comes to sating it. He always does the right thing when the time calls for it, however. Sophie is his childhood friend and comrade-in-arms, but unlike anime tropes dictate, the two have zero interest in one another.

In Second Origins, Ryan and Sophie are a couple of former actors turned thieves - not out of necessity or a desire for riches, but out of romantic lust for a life full of thrills and daring. Ryan, however, quickly proves himself to be a toxic, controlling jerk, causing Sophie to regret this new life. She eventually meets Rock, and in him, sees a way out.

Aliases: ryan, ryan_crestmere
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