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Archer girl who's a pure and precious cinnamon roll, even if she often only has one working brain cell.

Sophie Dumont is Ryan's childhood friend and comrade-in-arms. She is bubbly and excitable and not very smart! She has a very basic, fairytale idea of romance and doesn't think about it beyond hugs and presents. Due to a series of mishaps, she ended up married to Dirk - which she relishes in, despite more or less treating him like a puppy she adopted (and not in a kinky way). Dirk has more or less resigned to this role.
Small, elemental creatures also listen to her for some reason.

In Second Origins, Ryan and Sophie are a couple of former actors turned thieves - not out of necessity or a desire for riches, but out of romantic lust for a life full of thrills and daring. Ryan, however, quickly proves himself to be a toxic, controlling jerk, causing Sophie to regret this new life. She eventually meets Rock, and in him, sees a way out.

Aliases: sophie, sophie_dumont
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