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Violet is the yin to Amber's yang. She thinks she's a cool supervillain despite being young and stupid.

Much like Amber, Violet is a character who's gotten redesigned a bunch of times:

- Original: Violet was Amber's evil self from an alternate universe. Much like her counterpart, she had time-manipulation abilities. She acted as de facto leader of a villainous group mostly because her abilities were OP and few people could say no to her. Too bad she was a literal child so their evil deeds didn't amount to much. Has a white cat who probably had a name but I sure as fuck forgot what it was.
- Second Origins: Amber's "twin sister", she is, similarly, a mysterious orphan with weird powers - in this case, cold manipulation. Her skin feels like ice to the touch, and everything around her is cold and humid. She is capable of generation more cold around her, which is kept in check by her emotions... usually. As such, she can freeze things and generating ice (using the moisture in the air). She was found as a baby by Aaron, at the time a mere beat cop, who defended her from a rampant mutant and raised her as his second child. She grew up idolizing the police and with a deep-seated hatred of mutants. Spoiled brat.

Who knows if Violet will show up in BELOW HEAVEN.

Aliases: violet, violet_renoir
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