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below heaven

A role-playing game for computers in development by Lunar Capital Studios (aka, by me).

The game stars Caroline, a girl living in a seemingly idyllic space colony. But not all is what it seems. When she steals an important artifact from the royal archives, she is branded a fugitive, and makes her escape into the Earth below... where she finds life isn't easy for anyone living Below Heaven.

The game features a battle system combining the classic Active Time Battle games of the 1990's and tactical RPGs. Every character's timer determines not only when they're able to act, but how much they can move on their turn, with each step depleting some of your gauge. Positioning is key, with moves having an area of effect that can hit foes and friends alike, and objects on the field working as cover for some attacks.

In addition, every character has a unique resource and associated mechanics in lieu of traditional MP. There's also a Combo meter that fills throughout combat, allowing for team attacks between your party. Defense is also done in an active manner, similar to a fighting game, by holding down either shoulder button.

Caroline: the outcast from Heaven. Elegant and refined, but with a strong sense of what's right. She has the ability to manipulate Aether, a substance that's present in varying amounts all over the world. She makes use of a pistol of her own design to channel and fire aether blasts.
Nathalia: the culinary magician. Out to prove that the culinary and arcane arts go together just as well as any other school of magic. She's a bit clumsy and weird, but means well.
Ida & Agni: the sky-faring system. A two-for-one deal, these two share their body and their role as leaders of a crew of sky pirates. Ida controls ice and is she's the "chill" one. Not cold and emotionless, but calm in the face of danger. Her other self, Agni, controls fire and is the "warm" one - welcoming and caring.
Sekmet: the queen of beasts. Once a feared ruler, it takes some convincing to get her to join Caroline's party. Uses her influence to command various members of their Legion to aid in combat. She's mischievous.
Makoto: the wandering demon. Walks the earth carrying a blade in which a demon has been sealed... the blade has a thirst for blood they can't always control. A bit of an edgy loner, but has a soft spot for their ghostly dog, Ryuunosuke, who aids in battle.
The Crimson Oak: the disgraced thrice-champion. A former professional wrestler who has had his glory stolen by a young, fresh-faced star. Now out to restore his fighting spirit. He tries to take his fall from grace in stride, but holds resentment about it. May look cold but is actually a big softie. Crimson's signature move is called the Grand Oak Slam.
Amber: the child of aeons. This seemingly ordinary girl has the mysterious ability to control time. She's generally peppy and upbeat, but freaks out when things around her are beyond her control, which is often.

Other characters:
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