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second origins

A project I've worked on for a very long time alongside Alex for a webcomic that never came to be.

The idea for this concept sparked as a reinvention of a lot of characters from our old roleplaying community, including our own and those of others. The setting was conceived as a world recovering from nuclear disaster, in which a variety of misfits of all kinds band together and struggle in order to make a new beginning for themselves - hence the name. Themes of grief, one's place in the world, making the best of a bad situation, confronting the sins of the past, hope, and the inevitability of death.

Main characters:

Jacob Clarke: the son of brilliant cyberneticist. After nearly dying from the bomb that took out his hometown of Medius, he had his brain transplanted into a robotic body. While searching for his missing brother, he struggles to adapt to the new world, and to his new form.
Rock: one of the few remnants of an old government program to create superhumans, now delegated to the role of digger - someone who searches the ruins of old Medius for remnants of the past. With no family or past to call his own, he wanders, going through the motions. He empathizes with Jacob, another lost soul, and helps him and others - including himself - along the way.
Sara Hart: a public prosecutor from the neighboring city of Grale. Grale was not affected by the bomb, and thus was able to flourish. Trying to help the criminal justice system from the inside, she finds herself powerless at times, and takes up a side gig in bounty hunting to feel a sense of doing the right thing when the courts aren't enough. One day she comes across a confused, lost girl and decides to do everything she can to help her. In her adventures, she comes to question her own methods.
Amber: a mysterious girl with a lot of trauma and unexplained powers. Able to generate heat around herself - a power she does not have complete control over. When Sara finds her wandering the wasteland one day, she clings to the lawyer like a lost puppy. With her help and that of others, she slowly comes out of her shell. However, her past comes back to haunt her in a big way.
Flora Merkitas: the princess of a neighboring nation, she flees her home looking for a lost friend (desperate to find meaning in her life) while keeping a low profile. She carries a cursed book of terrible magic.
Laertes Coriol: an actor whose career was cut short when the war happened and he became a mutant, being forced into hiding. He is placed in the middle of a conflict between mutant factions he wants to part with.
"Kojiro": nobody knows this person's deal, or indeed even their name. Does not speak or show any emotion, but seems to be doing the right thing.

Other characters:
Violet McDermontAaron McDermontDerekMonica Broosiere
LucyAlexandra LenoirFrank LenoirClarissa HensonHarold Henson
Allium HazeKing Dirk IIIAthameElizeThe CandlemakerDonovanThe CriminalThe Maestro
RoswellFirebirdNeimi AtheleSanoh AtheleVictoria “Slick Vic” StromOscar “Beefcake” BeckersRoland “Ragtime” RodriguezPopa
Croiss BartletTucker BantonChristopher VaverickGurudinJohn CrimsonYosef AmaranthNicholas Rensky
Professor David ClarkeWalter ClarkeVincent GeranRobertoNaraias"Malakai"DuncanTaiko
Apple JaxMalinareSamanthaKnightMarciaFlora's ParentsDr. VilnoaJax's FatherRock's ParentsErica Kramer
Dr. GazeboDr. ZopharRobyn CiariRusty ArmolahSumireSara's ParentsThe TyrantDrake Lovington
ErosKaliaJeniiHitomi HisanoAnimal Mafia BossJenii's Mom
Ryan CrestmereSophie DumontGregory YoungAmeliaNathaliaRochelleKarenWisdom CatNolanMarissaElroyThe Ashen AcolytesWasteland Kids

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