When Caroline started her first day working at the First Royal Library of the Kingdom of Heaven, she was certainly not expecting it to updend everything she knew about her own little world. She'd always been composed and well-behaved, but knew there was something below the surface that did not feel quite right.

Having lived in Endymion Space Colony her whole life, she always wondered what it must be like for the people on the Earth below — a place the Elves have left millenia ago in pursuit of their Heaven. But the idyllic life led by her people was built on the suffering from those who were left behind.

Coming across a mysterious book written in a dead language she can somehow understand, she is compelled to seek out the pieces of the God that once created the Earth, the Stars, and the Moon. That's when she makes a very difficult decision: to abandon her cozy life in her throne of lies, escape to the depths below, and live the rest of her life in Purgatory.

Fleeing in an escape pod with book in tow, she embarkson her journey, learning to live for the first time without the luxuries her high-class life provided. But the Kingdom of Heaven does not appreciate a dissident...
An upcoming RPG for Windows, Mac and Linux by Lunar Capital Studios.
It features a unique battle system that combines real-time decision making and tactical positioning.

Every character Caroline meets has unique abilities and mechanics they use, making no two party members feel the same.

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