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Since a few people have asked me how to find certain secrets in the game, I've decided to put up this page explaining all of them. This is going to have SPOILERS, so I advise you only check this once you've beaten the game but are still missing certain exits or costumes.

There are 3 secret exits in the first demo. Their locations are:


The first thing you'll have to do to find this exit is to reach the roof of your shrine, where there's a hidden key. There are three ways to accomplish this:
1. Perform a running spin jump on the leftmost Piranha Plant to gain height. (You'll most likely kill it if you have a fire flower)
2. Fly up with cape.
3. Jump off your Tsuchinoko. Do note that the Tsuchinoko cannot bring items through pipes, so you'll have to leave it behind.

Once you have the key, proceed through the level normally until you find a keyhole. You'll have to break the blocks with a spin jump, so make sure you're big.


Patchouli wants her book back, but what if you were to pull a Marisa and steal it instead?
On the lower left corner of the first area inside the mansion there is a series of breakable walls. The Cross subweapon can tear through them with ease. Once you have the book, return to the entrance. Koakuma will chase after you, so run back all the way to the start!


Once you get the old man his coffee, he gets out of the way, allowing you to go down the ladder and reach an area with a key and keyhole. Find the boy's ball and return it, then sell the rock, and finally purchase the coffee from Miyoi.

The following costumes are available in the first demo:

Here's how to obtain them:

Your default costume.

In the Forest of Magic stage, there should be an area with a single green pipe amidst a bunch of yellow ones. Enter this pipe to access Marisa's house. Her clothes will be hanging out to dry on the far left of this screen.


In the Scarlet Throne Room stage, there is an invisible set of stairs on the corridor leading to Remilia. Find the section with no window or curtains. You can reach the stairs with a running jump.
Once in the hidden chamber, you'll see a Moai statue on the far left. While standing in front of the statue, input the following: UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A (Make sure to land after inputting B and before inputting A).


Once you've reached the second checkpoint in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost stage, head down to the door immediately underneath it. Then move all the way to the left where there's a block with a cape feather. You can use this strip of land to take flight and reach a door surrounded by pipes. This leads to Mystia's lamprey stand.
At the lamprey stand, you'll find a table with a statue of Chun-li on it. Simply duck under this table for about two seconds.


In the Scarlet Devil Mansion stage, once you arrive in the library area, you'll have the choice to head leftwards to Patchouli's chamber, or rightwards to a room full of gaming magazines you can read. (The magazines all provide hints about the actual game) At the far end of this area is a breakable wall, leading underground beneath Patchouli's chamber. Fly up the small hole on the left and bump Patchouli's chair from underneath.

The following colors are available in the first demo:

Here's how to obtain them:

Available by default.


In the Scarlet Clock Tower stage, there's an area after the first checkpoint with many vines surrounded by cracked blocks, immediately after a big set of stairs. Only one of the blocks is not cracked. You can climb up the vine and go underneath this block. Keep heading up until you hit a ceiling.


At the start of the Misty Lake stage, swim to the bottom left, where you'll find a row of ice blocks. The fire flower can melt these, leading to a treasure chest.


Simply beat the Earth Dream Palace stage, which opens up by finding the secret exit in the Hakurei Shrine stage.

In order to change your costume and color, head to the Hakurei Shrine stage and enter the shrine itself.

- If you bring the Tsuchinoko with you to the Hakurei Shrine changing room, hit Select to change its color.
- Defeat Marisa while wearing the Witch of Paradise costume to get a slightly different dialogue from her.

Some areas in the hack are inaccessible, and some NPCs refer to things you have yet to do. These include:
- These tiger blocks in the Misty Lake stage, located immediately before the first checkpoint. You'll be able to open these up in a later version.
- Reisen's side quest is impossible to do for the time being. A later version will let you reach the Eientei stage and pick up her gift.
- I have no idea what this guy is talking about, but it's sure to come up later.

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